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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Storm - the aftermath

Our modern conveniences or are they distractions?
Were not available,
but we had essentials, water, hot water and heat.
Candlelight made reading ore difficult, but doable.
And the world was quiet except for the rain.

A walk in the morning,
reveled the strewn branches and limbs and trees and power lines.
Scattered across sidewalks
and roads
and backyards.
Asphalt times
and needles
and leaves
were in abundance, but not a problem to navigate.
The river, newly released from a century old dam
and narrowed,
overflowed those man-made lines, but not the gentle slope of the maybe soon to be green park.
A light pole down,
but here no real flooding.
The temperature was cool, not cold
and so much like a hurricane this Northeast storm of march 2010!
The clouds stayed with us most of the day,
but for a brief instant in the morning when a weak sun shown through.
A rumbling thunder came and a little light rain,
but little or no wind.

I still have precious little concept of time.
The grey sky allows only a minimum of light.
Neighbors, all with the same situation, reach out to each other making sure each is okay.
A ride through the town shows true devastation of trees and power lines and crushed cars and houses.
It was a bad one, I see.
The day wears on and i find i do not need the distractions to release this muse inside of me.
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