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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The "City" visit

One icendent before i got there.
Stopped to drop off a letter my friend double stopped in front of the mail box in front of the post office.
As i got out, with my cane, to drop the letter, a well dressed woman blocked my way and almost opushed me over.
I did not say antthing.
She proceeded to get into het shinney white Lexus and bang her can door into my friend.
By the way, she was in a handicapped spot.
Attitude, entitlement and riches.  . not for me.
So guy, clean the floors saw me struggle getting out of the elevator and made sure  i got out okay.
The visit:
well they affirmed that i do not have glaucoma and that there is improvement and gave me new prisms, but not at a reduced strength.  just in case they said.
Other wise the hour long visit was worth it.  The walk is always filled with the smells and sounds of a big city which i actually enjoy.

Not a perfect day, but a good one.
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