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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dreams and delusions and things that do not really make sense

Last night i dreamed i ate at a seafood restaurant that was terrible - no idea what that meant.  It was not that the food was bad, what I had of it (some breaded mushrooms), but the plates were the size of glass coasters and i could never get to the food on the table before it was taken away or some how i was prevented for getting it.
The delusion as i wait to see to the doctor, some self reflection -
In my heart I want to make as many wrongs that i can right,  I want to save "the world", but i know i can not.
I also want to be saved from all the horribleness i see around me, the suffering i see and feel.

The one thing the Buddhists have  right for sure -"in this world there is suffering".  I have a hard time with it existing.

No i do not really make sense and yes i am full of contradictions.

I will call this going too deep...
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