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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disasters with spice tops again and spots before my eyes

It happened again, but I recovered.
A top fell off a spice i was trying to shake into a meal preparation.
Not salt this time, but coarse black pepper.
mountains of it in what was to be meatballs.
I removed as much as i could, prepared a sweet (with port wine) brown sauce to go with the egg noodles and had spicy (maybe a bit too much, but not bad) meatballs.
Everyone enjoyed????
They have actually become very accustom to my creativity in the kitchen and i am bemused that they expect it (except when i buy pizza)!
Oh, the spots, you ask?
After getting new prism inserts for my glasses, the cloudiness  (of yellowing plastic) was gone, but my eyesight was not what i felt they should be.
A friend commented last night that the glasses were full of spots!
The plastic prisms had not adhered properly to the glass and there were many "air bubbles".
Go over to the sink and with soap and hot water, fixed that!
It is amazing how much sight affects our outlook on life!.
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