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Friday, April 16, 2010

Pieces of life:

You thought the muse was missing?
Just too much of it! 

we meet and share the journey of souls through this life.
no, she is not a girlfriend.
This is far better.
To share to joys,
the sorrows,
the struggles of this life
as we seek to grow still closer to God.

Jewel was right only Kindness matters,
the rest is just garbage.

She is missing,
but it is okay, she has found some peace,
which in this life is rare.

A smile,
a laugh.
The joys of a greeting,
that is beauty!

The Buddhist missed something;
there is not only now,
for now is the composition of the past and
the path for the future.

To laugh at me,
my foibles,
my struggles,
my mistakes 
what better thing in life than that!

Cool and dreary,
is not so bad as a break
from bright sunshine and warmth!
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