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Monday, April 26, 2010


That is what the pollen is doing to me this year, worse than ever.
Eyes are watering and burning, nose dripping.
Can i complain?  Yes,but it is an early spring, i have new plants in the ground and they are doing well.
No, i did not plant tomatoes, but my neighbor did and they are NOT dying!
Everything is coming out at once and so my eyes blur and i stumble around.
What did i do?
I made drunken mushrooms (marinated in port wine and cooked down with a bit of tequila),
drunken Mexican hamburgers (with tequila again and chili powder and cayenne pepper and cinnamon) and that when with a pasta and cheese with chili and cilantro and the cinnamon and several cheeses) and a regular salad.
So at least i had a reason last night!
I slept well.
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