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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Abstract logic, etc... that is what they said i was good at when they did the tests in grade school.  Despite a teacher who said i would never amount to anything in math or sciences, i frustrated my algebra teachers by intuitively knowing the final answer when asked to solve complex algebraic equations.
This is good, because with what i see now, everything is a puzzle to be solved on the fly....is that a bus coming don the road that i must catch? or is it an SUV?
Little pieces of confused pictures come to my mind and i come to a conclusion, yes no or wait till it gets closer.
Is that a step or a shadow?  That is an important one, but with double vision, depth perception is gone and i must look for other clues.
I do not always get it correct and so i have fallen, but rarely.
Watering eyes, running nose from extreme allergies make like just that much harder.
Strange vision, coupled with hearing from only one ear (from childhood) make my sense of where a noise is located difficult at best, yet, I have not been hit by a car crossing the street!
Maybe because i take the most secure timing to do so, but in this town, with our self important drivers, nothing is ever safe.
So work is also a puzzle and peoples reactions are also a puzzle.  I do not understand my boss.
I can have compassion like never before on people who are facing serious issues, environmentally.
The product is everything is even more of a puzzle than ever!
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