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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Confusion between light and dark

Some where or when,
between waking and sleep,
comes a vision or dream or day dream.
Like a vision of seeing, 
but one image 
or is it a memory?

Some where,
two heart blend together,
it is sensual and i dare not write
nor shall i speak
for is it imaginary
or a dream
or a memory?
Two souls
or is it the spirits
or is it the bodies?
They meet,
comforting each other,
holding on for dear life
as if separation will cause death.

I dare not speak,
for the pain is intense
and the shadows fade into light
and i,

And there are two images i see,
the doubleness is not gone.
and it is but a pillow i hold,
lifeless and not another part of my soul.

I sigh and go on.
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