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Sunday, June 13, 2010

accepted and a loss of one more fear.

Apparently. I have been in a conquering mood lately.
Last night i dealt with a fear of falling because i danced at a friends party.
Yes, i was requested to get up and dance and i was afraid of tripping on my own 2 feet, but i did manage it.
Te ladies were kind and did not mind that sometimes i knocked into them (or did they knock it me?) and it took a bit to get myself balanced.
Somewhere i found myself getting lost in the beat of the music and my feet took over.
That is all it took and i amazed myself that i could still do it.
The large party of people were very gracious of having someone they did not know be with them for this birthday celebration, but apparently they had been told i was coming and were very hospitable.
I stayed out late for me now (11:30) and stayed quiet until 8 in the morning.
All was good!
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