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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Strange conjunctions

conjunctions - in Astronomy, the closeness of an object in the sky as observed from earth.  It usually refers to objects that can be seen with the naked eye, as in the moon and the planets.
Last night and tonight there was a conjunction, according to spaceweather.com, of the crescent moon and Venus.
I went out tonight, since it was clear and beautiful this evening and last night it was not.
I did not see it and wonder what was going on and in a normal action for me, since i see clearer, albeit in 2 images, with out my glasses, than with, i took them off.
Lo and behold there was Venus right under one of the images of the moon.
Hug?  It was not under the other image!
I have learned to focus with one eye or the other and so i focused with my left eye (the better one) first and the image was not there except under the fainter right eye image.
This was indeed strange,
When i put on the glasses Venus disappeared.
Finally, figured that Venus was in a horizontal plane, not a vertical one and with my glasses of, the one image of Venus was under the other image of the crescent moon.
What strangeness!
And i laughed all the way home...
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