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Monday, June 21, 2010

I knew it was here.

i have an enemy.
My enemy has no name.
My enemy has no form.
This nameless ghost haunts my inner peace
and robs me.
No it shant be for long,
but only a little while.
I struggle against this formless beast
and i do not let go.
i find courage in my convictions of not letting go.
I am fierce in this battle
and there are no holds barred.
But little children come up to me, unafraid
They flock around me wanting to be near,
even as i struggle.
My companions, the animals who choose to be near,
are faithful and do not flinch
and find rest with ...
And i in this struggle find peace,
even as i struggle.
How can this thing be,
so marvelous and fearless...
as a child?
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