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Monday, June 21, 2010

Not such a good time

Interruptions, work, no quietness.
Dealing with this seems impossible.
No energy to set a boundary, a limit, a pace.
The muse is not quiet, but confused.
I am not able to navigate such treacherous waters like this.
I am worn down.
The mornings have been busy,
when they should be quiet.
A hot afternoon,
has too much activity.
No time for peace. no time for quiet.
I do not like this time.
The heat should create quietness, but instead there is tumult.
I go inside for an answers and find interruption.
Will it stop
or will i break?
This creates darkness in my soul,
a bleak landscape of burned embers.
While all is green to my eyes,
my heart does not see life.
This is not good.
This must come to an end.
Acts of kindness are pushed aside.
This will come to an end.
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