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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

letting go

I have had to give up so many things that i hold dear,
yet opening my hands and letting them go,
is a very freeing thing.
The control that i
used to think i had,
over so many things,
seems very unimportant now.
My work and what i believe as the truth there,
i have let it go.
i pick my battles now,
choosing only the things that are most important,
not challenging the many wrongs i see,
the attitudes,
the empty clamoring of people,
who want what they want,
What i can
and can not do,
i have let go,
i do not struggle so much
and it actually seems to help.
If i will see again, in a manner i used to,
that has flown as a bird.
i have not given up hope,
nor faith,
but the anxiousness i have had to let go.
Today, i had to let go of my mom.
She has made a decision that she wants and
I knew i had no say and i let it go.
i have given her what i know and
let her do what she wants.
It would have happened that way anyway,
but with more strife any other way,
It is a season of letting go....
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