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Thursday, July 29, 2010


There are reasons for the way i live,
a communal, spiritual, shared lifestyle
that few understand, but most seem to respect.
This evening, John comes down the stairs, declaring, "something is burning".
We look around the house and decide that it is out side.
When we open the door, our neighbors car across the street is on fire,
there are other people looking from outside,
but we react.
David, our most limited member, calls 911.
John, grabs two of the many fire extinguishers he has around the house,
I switch the sprinkler hose with a jet hose.
John puts out the fire,
I cool the car so it will not re catch on fire.
The fire department arrives, pries open the hood and insures no more fire will occur,
They find the damage has not spread.
Of course the neighbors car is totaled,
but there was a wood fence,
a pine tree
and a lot of electrical wires that did not get involved.

Of course i had to fall once getting the hose ready, but it was of no import.
No one got hurt, the fire did not spread.
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