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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I awoke this morning to find My cat,
of 17 or 18 years
and 2 years past,
meowing in my face.
I was helping someone,
giving them things from my garden,
a person whom others would call homeless,
but i do not know,
i just knew she had to eat.
There was my cat,
doing what he always did,
chasing vermin
and giving love.
I then remembered it is almost 2 years since he left
and i started on my adventure.
I was reminded that he had Siamese eyes,
blue and slightly crossed,
but was not blind in either eye,
as is what usually happens.
He was a lion among the domestic species,
clearing the area of rats,
a possum or two
and a raccoon.
I think he still is around,
ridding the yard of vermin.
I wonder if that is what i am to do?
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