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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A question of why not

I do not think i have done any recent posts on the way i live
and the woman in the window had some questions and i feel i should answer in a post.
When I was young, I was always curious, always searching.
I did not think i had the answers, but i wanted them.
I was, in reality, lonely also, looking, for some answers to things in my heart, that did not fit in my brain.
In college, i encountered a group of people, who did not have all the answers either, but were not lonely.
The spiritual base was and is Christianity, but there was no exclusivity involved and they lived a "shared life".
They were connected to a rather large Episcopal church and out reach in Houston and i was fascinated and drawn.
They helped people by being together, but it was an aside, being together was first and reaching out a natural outcome.
That fit.
We shared living space. meals, heartaches and joys.
As i was completing college, they were planning to move up to New England, they had received an invitation by another Episcopal church (and they were from this area) and had all the doors they thought would never open, open for them to come up.
They invited me.
Living this way is never easy, everything gets in the way.
You are with people like a close nit family, squabbling, laughing, crying and going on,
In our household, there are four guys, 1 is mentally disabled and he is a "guest" as much as anyone could be, but engages to the extent of his ability.
Another had damage to his brain from birth and while he carries the titled "disabled", there are times he is more able than i.
There is John, who does not have the labeled "disabled", but like me, has some limitations.
We try to put everything into a basket and some how ,we seem to come up with more than we put in.
We share meals, books , papers, TV shows, movies, chores, cooking,discussions, politics and our hearts.
We share the house expenses.
We do not all think the same or have the same views on almost anything, except that we should be together.
There are other houses that are part of this community and we get together when we can, weekly at the very least.
We have our outside friends, our own politics and our own spiritual beliefs.
It is unimportant that we think alike and probably better, but it is important to respect each other.
We bump in to each other, get angry, even sometimes yell.  We keep trying to go further in our hearts and learn something each day.
We collectively are not celibate, John has a girl friend and i have many friends, David's gift is with animals and Eric loves politics.
We get along and each day is something new.
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