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Sunday, August 1, 2010


 this morning,
a slightly cool breeze
dancing on my face.

I hear my heart again.
Speaking softly of things that are beautiful and awful and dangerous and wonderful.

Soft, puffy clouds dance across the sky.

A visiting cat strolls by.

Activity and the serene moment is lost,

or not.

Activity and action,
that pushes my "formal" side to the front
and those things have been strong the past few days.

The minutia of details,
the communication of living.
The need to place things in a manner that can be dealt with,
Life and living.

I am reminded that i am never "alone"
and while that provides comfort,
it also requires presence.

They require my formal brain to be present
or i get lost in the clouds rushing by
and the cool breezes on my checks.
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