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Sunday, August 1, 2010

on the porch

i am on the porch,
i dream of mint salt.
An aroma of mint wakes me.
I was drying some of the mint from the garden.
Mint Salt?
I would sprinkle on top of biscuits and rolls before they bake.
The Garden has been in much demand in the kitchen.
Cilantro is the base for a non-dairy guacamole i make:
cilantro, salt, lime juice, orange juice, hot pepper and parsley are pureed
and then poured over rough cut small chucks of avocado.
It sits for a while, in the fridge, before serving.
Basil chicken with lime:
Small cut up pieces of chicken breast are marinated
with lots of fresh basil, olive oil, onions and lime juice.
Fried and served.
Okra, julienned, with scallions and hot pepper cut like-wise, fried in olive oil with salt.
In the same oil fry slices of tomato with slices of sweet red pepper.
In the same olive oil, quartered Red potatoes with Fennel, garlic and chives, also with salt to taste.
Asian Indian style hamburger:
Mint, garlic, onion and hot pepper are minced and mixed with hamburger meat and grilled.

All the vegetables are from the garden!
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