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Friday, August 6, 2010

2 years

Two years ago,
they put me to sleep,
banged and cut open my skull
and removed something awful.

I did not know my adventure would take so long,
It is not about the double vision
or my lack of balance,
tho it seems to present that way.
It has been some thing much more deep and mysterious.
Something which shook my thoughts
and beliefs
and path of life.

I did not know it would take so long.
The struggles,
 the crying,
the inexplicable joy...
almost makes sense,
but not quite yet,
there is more to come.

People have been telling me,
people i trust,
that they feel the adventure is almost at its current end.

No death is not in the offing,
but life
and living
and a change for still something more.


It has been 2 years,
i did not think it would take this long....
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