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Friday, July 16, 2010

Memory of adolescence

I was suddenly taken back to the past,

a place that was real,
filled with sadness and joy.
I am ridding my bike, a ten speed it was,
exploring Houston.
From downtown,
to Briarwoods park,
to the northwest fringes of new homes.
I escaped, ridding long hours,
with the breeze on my face
and the sun shining brightly above.
I felt i was flying, with no care in the world,
but soon the sun would begin to set in that flat Texas sky,
and i would return home.
i was out, when queried where i had gone.
But down the paved walks along the bayou i had gone,
through the trees of the parks i had fled,
forgetting my life for a moment.
This disjointed life i lead now causes me to want to escape,
to run away and leave everything behind,
as only a memory.
I remember finding quiet places where no one else would go,
laying down in green grass,
looking up to the blue skies,
watching chimney swifts darting high above in the sky.
Their freedom i hungered for,
to escape this place i felt so trapped.
i did not belong.
i was too smart,
i played too much football, baseball and wrestling
i was too young,
i had too much emotion,
i had too much control of those emotions.
So said each group - the jocks,
the brains,
the debaters,
the thespians,
though i found great comfort among the thespians, i still did not belong.
And so i escaped into my own world, riding my bike,far away,
feeling tho i was flying like those birds so high above.

I wish to be there again today.
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