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Saturday, July 10, 2010

this morning

This morning.
the garden called my name.
It said come here,
i need you,
for i am ripe and ready for the taking.
And so i wandered,
through the lushes curves of my garden's bounty,
finding the secret places,
where she had hidden her treasures.
The aromas were delight full
and the sun was not  yet upon her.
She opened her secrets to me.
lettuce and parsley,
cabbage leaves, for the heads were not yet formed
Small red onions and peppers, hot and not.
basil and chives and something called cinnamon basil,
all with their overwhelming smells.
Not tomatoes yet, nor okra for she was not yet fully formed,
but the delights she provided!
and her smells linger on me still.
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