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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Such a strange sight,
two pillars turn to four
and back again.
They oscillate, with one pair appearing,
while the other becomes just transparent.
Four then two,
is it a wall
or a path.
I can not tell.
Horizontal lines of light appear from nowhere.
stretching across my field of view,
like a silver spider web of fire.
Now cross hatches
as those silver light strands,
mix with the ridges that are the prisms in the glasses.
A mans head appears on top of a womans
and then she reappears as she should be.
How active this view
and in a perverse sort of way,
how beautiful, also.
I close my eyes,
"is it gone?", i ask.
As i open them the dance continues unabated
and so i join in.
learning new steps,
to a new dance,
in a new life.
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