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Sunday, August 22, 2010


A light rain fell this morning,
not a torrent,
leaving great gashes in the earth,
but a gentle, soaking rain,
bring life and growth.
I wanted to say, "i think i have been selfish lately",
but those words are untrue.
I have been selfish lately,
looking for an end of this adventure,
before news ones befall me.
For my path has been strewn with obstacles and more are coming.
I have been afraid, seeking my own salvation first and not others.
A book, "The Wounded Healer" comes to mind
and i am ashamed.
i can not wait until i am well to heal others
and my heart is turned.
I sit on the porch trimming the plants in my care,
removing dead leaves and stems,
trimming growth going where it does not need to go.
Gently changing a path of one plant or another.
I understand it well,
for the garden has brought forth such bounty,
that i share it abundance
and then the best part comes,
for they then share with me and others from their own gardens.
Things i did not grow
or that did not do well for me
or are late in coming.
I see the circle
and i learn.
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