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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A day to relax

Finally, it was a day that i was able to rest.
I did prepare for my coming trip in the morning, that had its own issues of trepidation, but then i rested.
The cobwebs and the pieces of broken thought were swept from my mind.
I felt clear.
I did not realize how much strain has been placed on me by work, it is something i do not talk about much and the most difficult part is that people do not appear to understand.
More to prepare, more to do, but i am at a different place at this moment and the anxiety that was surrounding me has left, thus there is a post.
 More to come,
not knowing what awaits me for the trip.
There will be issues to deal with,
situations to sort
and a mother who is nearing her end.
That will be its own stress,
but for now i am clear.
I do not see the future,
it is not in my hands.
It is because of this,
i can relax.
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