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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sitting Quitely

My heart still beats.
I still take breath.
A gentle rain falls
and a light breeze blows.
New wind chimes make a quiet sound.
I scribe these words with a pen
and am content.

In this world are people who care about me.
No lovers have I,
but steadfast friend,
who refuse to leave me be in misery,
who will not let go.
How wonderful is that?

Things tickle my throat
and i cough,sometimes violently,
making me lose my breath,
making me lose my breath.
I still live
and breathe
and think.
I have no complaints.

I sit on the porch.
watching to the rain
and the people.
Hearing the wind chimes
and the trafic.
It is a quiet place.
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