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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The trouble with vision

There is a down side to seeing things to be done, there is too much of it.
Prioritizing becomes very important and today i decide d it was time to tackle a problem that has been out of control for many years, many more than the issue of my "surgery".
I started reorganizing and cleaning my room.
It is not only a room, but also doubles as an office space and my retreat center and the place where I have my computer, so communications.
Layers of dust where found in various places that truly overwhelmed me.
Straightening out wires and leads, I also tackled.
And boy, did i through stuff out.
Was my work at my mom's place the seed?
No , I had felt its need for a long time, just did not have the energy to attack it, but today i did and feel much better for it.
i took many breaks and just cleared my mind, to go at it again.
It is better, but not finished.
I will need to get some more things.

Today, one of my dearest and trusted friends was at my mom's condo to help out and found somethings i never did find and did not know were missing and so I have some more worries.
I helped my mom downsize from a very large 3 bedroom condo to a 3 room studio apartment.
She is one of those people who could not throw anything out so the task was daunting to say the least. Two months would not have been enough, i had 2 weeks.
What i did find were family photos that date to the early 1900s.
I will share now i have my room in some what of an order order.

That was my "task:" while i was away and if i told you i threw out 20 bags of pure garbage, i am sure you will believe me.\It is one of the many reasons i wish i was "better".
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