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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still learning

After finding joy and direction again, i am looking for ways to keep it from slipping.
It is the "pearl of great price", that i wish to keep. so look for the whys it slipped out of my grasp.
The first was the lack of awareness of what i had, i did not weigh what i had gained properly against what i had lost.
New priorities become the first step and running, not walking away from the thins which would ring me down,
but some i can not escape.
There are real physical discomforts that i deal with;
the lack of balance and the "wear" and strain on my eyes.
I can not escape these things, yet there are ways to not let them bother me by taking things slow, but oh, this world does not want us to take things slowly.  It wants everything to zoom past us and make us run to get it.
i will resolve to fight that at every step.
I never quite comprehended the amount of negativity at work, the lack of regard and the back bitting that goes on constantly.  This is very intense and i find my self at odds with virtually everyone else, in almost every aspect.
My solution, to do what i can, the best that i can and let the rest go.
I simply can not afford to get wrapped up in this "stuff" any more.
Again, so much for bloggin once a week, as long as things are active, i will be doing it whenever i can.
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