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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

and when a fire burns...

And so much for just blogging once a week, everyday something has sprung up and made me excited.
Tonight, Stamford Bloggers meet at Chinese Mirsch for a food drive.
This was a time I wish my mom was up here when we "downsized" her because she had over 6 transfile boxes of food in cans that were good (that is not to mention the box of items that were bad).
To find hope and light in the middle of things seems so rare and it is important to keep each spark burning.

What else?

The cool winds of autumn showed their face yesterday,
i saw the colors begin to change,
some reds
and oranges 
and yellows.
Not much yet, for today it will be warm again,
but it is coming and the vibrant colors will fill mt soul,
hopefully with enough memory to last the bleak winter.
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