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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Born Yesterday

Not really,
but I am so EASY!
A soft touch,
a word.
a pitiful look
and I melt.
I am ready to give away heart and soul,
but that is not what you want.
A simple twist,
opening what can not be opened by you
and my treasures are yours!
How easy it was
and so you come again,
and again,
and yet again.
I can not refuse you.

I know where he lives,
that he is well cared for,
but he comes, like my cat of old,
begging and asking for a special treat
and i always give in.

and he says thank you after
and gives me a rub
and goes on his way.

He has family,
his name is Halloween.
There are children in his house
and he has love,
but he comes here every so often for a special treat.

Not white tuna,
the one with more mercury in it,
but the light,
the only one my wise old cat would eat before i found out about the mercury thing.

They are smart
and they wrap me around their paws!
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