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Sunday, November 14, 2010


I took a ride east today
and faced countless variables in my eyesight as we drove to out destination.
 At one point (with the glasses) everything was double to within 50 feet of my line of sight,
then with no obvious reason apparent (change in lighting or background), i could see half a mile.
How strange this was!
the sun was setting amidst a few clouds.
The golden brightness was amazing
and in the scattered clouds there were multitudes of optical illusions.
The light pillars and sun dogs gave a wonderful show.
As we traveled on our way,
and the sun sank into the clouds,
there was a transformation
which made all those clouds golden.
No longer looking at clouds,
but a landscape of molten lave
with streams and steam
and pure beauty.
As the sun continues to sink,
the colors turned from golden to a rosy red,
the sky from blue to green
and the transition continued
to purple and then grey and then black.
This took my breath away.

with only my cell phone, no justice can be done to its beauty.
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