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Sunday, November 21, 2010


So much going on,
so little time it seems.
Life slips past
and the world continues to turn.

with a thinly veiled sun,
a light,
not quite twilight
and yet not day time,
shone through the window pane.
A shadow on a wall,
with a branch projected
and a single leaf dancing,
holding on in a gusting wind.
I leave that sight to perhaps capture it,
to retrieve my camera,
but upon my return the leaf was gone
and only the swaying branch remained.

They consume,
they devour
and yest i continue to feed them.
I want them to stop,
so i may feed others,
but all i make is consumed
and not a crumb is left for others.

Why is my heart so,
it wants to give,
not keep.
What is it about me,
that does not take care of me?

I do not belong,
it seems,
in this selfish world at all...

Random thoughts,
but it is all about time slipping away...
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