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Monday, November 8, 2010

Only about the little town Stamford

2 posts today - this one only about local Stamford items
Snow this morning!@&
It is about 2  or 3 weeks later than normal, we will see what tomorrow brings.
Movie "we the people"  Shooting sometime soon at Cove Island beach - they are going in the water, so I wonder if there is any sanity in the movie.
Fairway market - I went on Wednesday (okay you can doubt MY sanity), lots of people, some interesting things i don't see other places, not very exciting and not cheap.  Lots of employees EVERY Where, figure half will be gone by Easter.
I did notice that all the other stores in the area were matching Fairways "loss leaders",
other wise - Ho hum.
Headlines here, headlines there - all about politics, all personal stupidness - it is really getting boring.
Stamford, is not an exciting place to me, I hope we have another blog and grog soon.
Oh yes, tomorrow going to Byram to Lolita's  for a special day for me.  Even not real "Mexican" (I call it trendy American interpretation), it is far better than Stamford's Mariann's and the Mayan Riviera (Heck, the Taco Truck and Tacos Guadalajara are better than those two!).Enough of Stamford.
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