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Sunday, November 7, 2010


In the distractions of this world,
the needs others push on you,
the things that are truly unimportant,
the things not about life,
i sometimes forget.
I forget to be truly thankful for my life
and all that i have been given.
Yes, you heard or read correctly,
all that i have been given.
Others will tells you you worked for it it, it is yours,
but the reality is that all that i have,
my life,
my friend
and even my double vision are a gift
and i am thankful.
i wake up in the morning
and i breath
and i hear
and i even see, distorted tho it my be,
wondrous and marvelous things.
Everything around seems to want to take it away,
but i am constantly reminded that it is all a gift
and to enjoy it
and be thankful.

This is my lesson from fall, the season,
for its beauty and splendor seems to last only a little while,
yet, it will return
and if you look closely,
even now,
in what most consider the ugly season,
there is much beauty.
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