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Saturday, November 6, 2010

They walk with me still - in the clouds of my dreams...

A new restaurant,
just opened and still chaotic.
Things not quite ready, yet her i was.
With John, who is every day in my life and
Paula, whom i have not seen in a year and a half.
We had parted some time before,
i wanted more, but she was still cut deeply from betrayal from the past.
We saw each other only a few times after and had reconciled, but were not close.
She still visits me in my dreams and so here she was,
at this barely finished restaurant of Mexican style
and everything was pleasant.

Jenny, who survived her own life trauma,
i still see weekly in real life,
but more often she comes to me in dreams, softly, touching, caressing, being helpful, supportive.
She come to me in unfamiliar places,
where there is confusion
and she brings peace.

The beautiful matron, Margarita,
works 2 floors above
and always has a kind or supportive word for me,
stands with me in the middle of battles
in those dreams,
so that victory is assured.

How marvelous are these companions in my dreams...
or are they really dreams at all?
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