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Saturday, March 5, 2011

For a few days the weather confused me...

The beauty of an early Spring,
was blown away by a blustery wind.
Walking in to work,
the bitter wind coming down the river,
froze me yet again.
So much to do,
so very many things to do...
for a day, i "punted"
and did nothing.
One day for me,
so many other days for others,
of course mostly my mom
and that is okay,
but i do begin to show the stress marks after a bit.
"They" say they understand,
but then go after me like a pack of dogs.
i fight them off.
Thay back off for a while,
but it is clear "they" do not understand.
Some times a malasie stikes me,
and i am powerless.
Sometimes those angry dogs bring a spark back into me,
because i do not back down,
i still know how to fight
and fight i do.
Is this the work of my malady,
with which i have contended so long.
I never give up,
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