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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wakening from winter.

People begin to waken

From their deep winter hibernation.

We begin to see each other, greet one another again.

It was such a difficult winter.

There is still snow,

The mountains reduced to mere hills of dirty cold ice,

But the mornings are crisp,

Not cold.

Reminding us that spring is coming again

I think we are all surprised.

The early spring mornings have brought a change in me,
the other day i drove, not far, but enough.
There is a change in the vision, it is more stable.
There is still miuch too much work to do concerning my mom and much is very, very hard.
The family that are hanging on,
 blocking things that must be done,
because it means she is going. if they get done.
This does not make my "job" easier, but i keep with it.
There will be less work soon and i am not looking forward to that.

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