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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Standing at the edge

While doing a "caneless" walk around the block where i lived,
I stopped
and stood
at the site of the sunset.
A blood red sun sinking in the west.
wispy, thin, dark blue clounds just above,
too close to earth to reflect the sun,
too thick to let light pass througn,
except as they ended,
in thin dark tendrils that faded to red.
"On the edge of the end of the world",
this is what i felt.
So it has been throughout my many "adventures.
The fortelling of the waves i felt early last fall,
were nothing,
 in compaision to the tsuami i now find my self engulfed in.
How well i relate to those in Japan,
but not in the phyiscal,
rather the emotional...

It is not over yet.
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