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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Continuing on after the storm

Slowly, I get up,

To explore this new landscape I am in.

My heart was hurt in the storm

And a few left me,

But I find that I am fine.

My heart has begun to feel again

And I look out upon the landscape to find a new path.

It is quiet, but there is piece.

Those closest, who helped me weather the storm, are still there,

But it is me who has to find my way.

Someone close leaves, from the necessities of life.

They are not dead, but they have taken another path.

Others come around, marveling at the peace,

That I am surprised at.

The ghosts are gone, but memories remain.

Memories, do not haunt me, they guide me.

I walk upon green grass.

I am assured that there will be more storms,

but I will survive those also.

A pneumonia racked my lungs for a short time

And I thought of her struggle.

The ghosts almost came back, but I got better

And they did not come.

One would not think that pain could heal,

But it does.
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