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Friday, July 1, 2011

Ghosts in my head.

They beckon to me, but do not have malice.

They float through my dreams and make me tremble.

They are not what you think, tho my mom and dad are there.

They are friends and lovers from the past,

Paths not taken and me.

The me “before”.

I am not sure I can believe what they say.

That it is good I am alive.

That what is happening is for the best.

I lose sleep from them interfering in my despair and confusion.

“You live they say”.

I am the one unsure of what is living or not.

Sleep comes quickly and then it is interrupted by these ghosts

Who waif through the air as if nothingness is their very being.

But I do know better, for they have real substance and their words have weight.

And my life continues.
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