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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Glasses

These are the things that have both made my life better and put me back a few steps while i was getting used to them...

They are special indeed and have some comedy involved.

They are thick (and dirty i notice), but have special attributes.
As a big Star trek fan, i am reminded a bit of Jordy's visor, not in the look, but at some of the special effects that i can now see.
They are without a doubt prisms and now i can tell regulr light from florescent because the prisms seperate the UV portion (there is a purplish halo around flourescent light).
Now there are other strange things, like I see well without them (except everything is doubled) and if i want to i can use them upside down (a very strange look).
So my comedy streak is not here, but maybe there is just a small bit back.
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