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Saturday, October 29, 2011

baby its getting cold outside

No, i do NOT like it, but it gives me opertunity to start doing my indoor cooking thing again.
I love the grill and the smoker,
but some of lifes truely great food comes from a slow cooker.
today i am preparing black beans - these will not be ready till tomorrow,
but i can wait.
The blend of spices mellowed by the black beans takes time.
chilies, cumin, beer, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lime!
And of course - blacl beans.
A bit spicy, a bit sweet, a bit of acid, a bit of salt (sorry, no real bitter - the beer adds sweet)
Oh, but for tonight - there will be Ox tail soup - something my mom would make!
Usd to be the "peasant meal" because the beef tails were discaredNot any more!
The tail is full of flavor and mixed with the right vegtables - wonderful!
Maybe i will get pictures before it is all gone!

the start of Ox tail soup(stew?)
beggining the black beans

Now i am hungry it is time for breakfast!
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