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Saturday, November 26, 2011

funny things

Every so often (and maybe not often enough), i check the followers.
What i am most surprized is the followers on my Environmental blog where i spout thing i believe to know about hings "environmental".
Know my knowledge is limited, but i am curious beyond belief and do not always think i am correct, but at least i have some supporting info.,
but then there seems to be some form of spiritual message going out (not that i mine, but think this is the blog that stuff comes out on more) because many of the links to some of the few folowers are very religious.
More than that, i find my "adventure" one of great learning.
Which leads me to my next bit of information which was that i got a chance to watch "Soul Surfer" in a rented movie last night.
I could not watch the part where the girl lost her arm to a shark, but the rest of the movie did remind me of my continued struggle with my head/eye thing.
There are advantages - i see more detail than ever in my life now, but then the confusion with the eyes also kicks in and i get by.
Strange - i still do more at work than the others i work with, but it is because i am interested in every thing.
i make mistakes, mostly because of misinformation that is passed along, but i get by.
A long rambling post tonight.
Lots going on in my heart.
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