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Friday, November 25, 2011

Not a traditionalist

Okay, maybe a bit, but i still do things differently!
I was invited over to a friend's house for Thanksgiving and a always ask what i can bring.
The answer was my corn bread.
My corn bread - why is it the first request?
It is a blending of my Greek heritage and where i grew up (Texas - with the Mexican influence).
It is moist, not crunchy and full of flavor.
Do i dare give out my secrets here?
Not yet, you have to beg, but i will say that the guest requested the remainder of the large pan stay at their house.
The other thing i did was smoke a salmon.
Now i recently heard that at a BBQ cook-off in Westport, the smoked Salmon presented was dry.
Not mine.
I have a special sauce with the base being a hickory off the self sauce, lemon and maple syrup.
The wood i used was maple.
30 minutes at 180 to 225 (the best i could control the fire) and all the other normal "smoking" parameters (indirect fire, moist heat).
My only "i wish i could have" was to crisp the skin, but there was no salmon left to take home.
The guest provided all the other regular Thanksgiving items.
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