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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful reflections

How strange it seems,
but i am thankful from the problems that call attention to things,
things to reflect,
things to learn,
things to through in the garbage.
It is a gorgeous day here in CT,
bright sun,
crisp air.
I am alive to see it,
feel it,
enjoy it!
Our doggy comes by, duck in mouth, to say good morning.
The "why" question is not a bad one, the "why me" statement is.
Maybe i was beginning to go there.
The "whining why", is also not good, i was beginning to go there.
Why does the child believe everything is their own fault?
They do, even if it is not.
Why do we blame our selves for things we have nothing to do with?
We do and blame leads to an attempt to control.
And when control fails (as it always does), it leads to frustration.
And the frustration leads to anger, which leads to rage and usually the wrong people get the brunt of that.
i have enough real battles to fight without going there.
I am thankful instead..
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