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Monday, November 28, 2011


David has been introduced here previously,
actually many times, as i consider him a great support.
He was born with some brain damage (too much or too little oxygen at birth)
and does things a bit differently.
Now on this blog, you have seen some of my cooking attempts,
but i never claimed to be a baker
and as a matter of fact,
i am really bad at it (except when it comes to Greek pastries).
My recent pumpkin yeast bread was okay, but not great.
My next attempt at quick breads,
ended up with flat looking loaves because they fell after taking them out of the oven.
In comes David and does a beautiful cranberry quick bread,
He has that gift, i don't.
i will leave the baking to him.
David's wonderful cranberry bread....my what ever pumpkin try!
we both followed a recipe and then one i used, he has done before with success....oh well!
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