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Thursday, December 29, 2011

for a little while, i was missing

my voice has been quiet,

in a struggle with darkness.

It was only the darkness of this world,

but it surrounded me

and sought to bring me down.

my thoughts became dark and i sought to run and hide.

yet i was fleeing those who could help
and did not know it.

It was as if in a dark valley,

and then the psalmist comforts me;

"yea. though i walk through the valley..."

no, it was not death,

tho it felt so.

it was not of loss,

but it felt so.

it was only of this world and its norm.

I escaped its cold grasp
as always
through the help of others

i still live

and breath

and sing,

and write yet again.

as always
and another lesson is learned.
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