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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A full moon and a minor flu

Used With Permission from Sefano De Rosa as seen in Spaceweather.com
The bright, full moon was so loud,
it woke me from a sound sleep
a sleep filled with unusual,
unremembered dreams,
of people known and unknown.
So many dreams,
so many people.

My body aches,a minor level of the flu.
it makes each cell feel like it is to explode,
yet they do not.
This is not deadly, but uncomfortable.
I have no fear of this,
but it hurts far worse than those things that would have claimed my life.
Those things are past,
and the memory of then is awakened by simple things and i tremble.

My remedy, as always, is to cook.
A soup of old, frozen, fresh, pork ham bones,
black beans,
jalapeno peppers diced thin
and crisped, corn tortillas, cut in slices.

The bones cook down,
releasing their savory scent into the air
and it makes me feel better.
Cilantro brightens the air.

Now what is next?
Cheese, with my own sauce and done in a Tex-Mex style.
Now i am happy and those aches have left me.

Never let anyone tell you food does not heal, it does.
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