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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The question is...Why?

Never "why me?",

but why.

there is a mindful purpose in everything that happens.
It is used for good.

Yes, i believe that..

All things work together for good for those who are called...

Yes I believe that.

There is no mindless entity making a mockery of my life.
It all works together in ways i do not understand,
I do not have to have understanding,

I am but me.

So the "whys?" are answered by not knowing,

but believing.

The Buddhist say there is suffering in this world
and there is no doubt of this.
So why should i, in my own suffering, create more in my neighbor?
I strive not too.
This is not to become a better person,

tho that is what happens.

It is in some simple way to bring Glory to the One i try with this feeble life to serve.

to do good, not evil.

Then the "why" becomes a statement,
answered with each breath i take.
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