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Monday, January 2, 2012

lessons learned

In view of conversations
there are things learned
and things to share.
In this current "Adventure" i find myself,
regarding the things that happened from the removal of the tumor in the back of my head,
I have never said "why me",
tho i believe i used to complain about my life before.
(how silly i was)
I have been frustrated and bewildered that i can not help as i want.
(there is a fix-it beast that runs amok in my heart many times)
I have wondered what i can do with what has happened
and i find that i am surprised at the encouragement i give..
i marval at that, truely, i do!
For perhaps, more than ever,
I see myself as the ugly duckling, who has not looked in the mirror as of late.
Why i believe that God uses us at any time and any circumstance,
I do not know,
but there is more to life than many make of it.
I do not wish statere among men,
nor recognition,
just to do what i can for whom ever is placed in my path.
I get taken for rides at time,
by those who want things from this world,
but it is not what i value
and it is those who value the little bit that i do, i seek.
How strange are the lessons then
and how marvelous!
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