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Sunday, March 4, 2012

return to normal?

for the week i was away,
I was in a place that can not be described,
The person's home, where i stayed,
is set up to exude PEACE...
all the decorations and the furnishings,
cluttered at first glace,
all combined together in harmony.
it all brought quietness to my soul.
Back to daily life, now,
as it rushes past,
with so many interruptions,
so much chaos,
so much strife.
I long for that peace,
i thirst for it.
I get annoyed at the interruptions,
the challenges of each day.

And yet,
yes, you know what is coming...
It takes effort each day to bring that peace,
to drive the constantly gnawing chaos from our doors.
Entropy is real,
you must impart energy to find peace.
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